Enthusiasm, Part 8

102 English songs from 2002/2003, not during the Christmas Trip, published on 2005-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
I Am Dying for Enlightenment 46 S
The Pride of the Earthly Race 17
Forgiveness Sweetens Our Hearts 19 S
The Devotion-Tears of My Gratitude-Heart 20 S
My Lord, May I Know Who You Are? 18
God’s Eye Examines All and Sundry 2
God’s Heart Examines Only the Chosen Few 3
Every Day Is a Holiday 4 S
I Must Be the Winner 5 S
Anger Says, “I Can” 6
Each Soul Is in Transit 7 S
Both God and I Expect 8 S
Realisation — Go for It 9
When I Pray, God Says to Me 10
When I Meditate, God Says to Me 11
My Mind Is a Thought-Factory 12 S
There Is No Such Thing 13 S
I Find God, I Find 28 S
My God-Surrender-Life Never Dies 29 S
Surrender 31
All the Cosmic Gods 30 S
I Am a Lamb 39
The Master Knows How to Tease 1 S
I Have the Tears to Love the World 14 S
I Must Do the Right Thing 15 S
If I Am a True Disciple 16 S
God — I Love to Please 47
The Mind Knows How to Sneer 48
The Mind Human 49
The Mind Human Loves to Read 50
The Mind Human Loves to Be 51
Each Life Is a Unique Contribution 52 S
My Aspiration-Flame 53
A God-Gratitude-Heart 54 S A
No Good Reason 55 S
Each Life Is an Eternal Pilgrimage 56
I Have Come to Realise 57 S
Angels Fly Far 58 S
My Sleepy Eyes 59
O Disobedience 60
He Who Is a God-Dedication-Breath 61 S
God Comes Running 62 S
God Comes Sprinting 63 S
My Proud Vital and My Mind Kneel 64 S
Forgiveness-Might 65
My Heart Hungers 66 S
My Mind-Oblivion 67
Forgiveness-Strides 68 S
God Never Loses Track 69 S
My Heart-Tears 70
My Heart’s Heaven-Pilgrimage 71
My Heart Is Swimming and Swimming 72
Because I Ignore God 73 S
If You Do Not Love God 74
My Heart’s God-Tear-Fragrance 75
Devotion-Songs 76
My Life Lives with Secret Hopes 77 S
Mine Is the Heart 78 S
God-Remembrance 79
I Want to See God’s Face-Beauty 82
To See the Soul 83 S
Devotion 40
While I Fly on God-Devotion-Wings 41 S
My God-Hunger 42
No Pushing, No Pulling 43 S
My Lord, I Have Seen 44 S
I Am a Constant Mistake-Maker 84 S
God Counts My Pleading Heart-Tears 85
Let Me No More Roam 86 S
My Life Has Lost Its God-Oneness-Soul 87
What Do I Have? 88 S
God Speaks 89
Earth-Popularity 90
When My Home Is My Heart 91 S
Disobedience-Deeds 92
My Days Are for God’s Bountiful Grace 93 S
My Mind-Machine 94
I Am Not Afraid 95 S
My Lord, My Only Prayer to You (2) 45
Eat and Drink 98 S
O My God-Reaching Heart 80 S
Oh, Where Is Death? 81 S
Alas, I Blame God 96 S
Expectation 97
Happy New Year 99
Oh, Make My Life a Ceaseless Flood 100
When I Take My Heart to God 21
The Fragrance of My Master’s Love 22 S
I Give God an Iota of My Love 23 S
God Is Proudly Fond of My Aspiration-Wings 35
Your Two More Names 25
Because You Are Thoughtful (2) 24 S
I Believe In God’s Grace 26
I Do Not Want a Hot Head 27 S
God’s Gracious Descent 32
Courage to Cure 33 S
Courage to Love 34 S
Prediction Fails, Silence Sails 36 S
God-Realisation Is Simple 37 S
The Captain of My Heart 38
Any Moment Is the Right Moment (3) 102 S

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