Enthusiasm, Part 8

102 English songs from 2002/2003, not during the Christmas Trip, published on 2005-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
The Master Knows How to Tease 1 S
God’s Eye Examines All and Sundry 2 S
God’s Heart Examines Only the Chosen Few 3 S
Every Day Is a Holiday 4 S
I Must Be the Winner 5 S
Anger Says, “I Can” 6 S
Each Soul Is in Transit 7 S
Both God and I Expect 8 S
Realisation — Go for It! 9 S
When I Pray, God Says to Me 10 S
When I Meditate, God Says to Me 11 S
My Mind Is a Thought-Factory 12 S
There Is No Such Thing 13 S
I Have the Tears to Love the World 14 S
I Must Do the Right Thing 15 S
If I Am a True Disciple 16 S
The Pride of the Earthly Race 17 S
My Lord, May I Know Who You Are? 18 S
Forgiveness Sweetens Our Hearts 19 S
The Devotion-Tears of My Gratitude-Heart 20 S
When I Take My Heart to God 21 S
The Fragrance of My Master’s Love 22 S
I Give God an Iota of My Love 23 S
Because You Are Thoughtful (2) 24 S
Your Two More Names 25 S
I Believe In God’s Grace 26 S
I Do Not Want a Hot Head 27 S
I Find God, I Find 28 S
My God-Surrender-Life Never Dies 29 S
All the Cosmic Gods 30 S
Surrender 31 S
God’s Gracious Descent 32 S
Courage to Cure 33 S
Courage to Love 34 S
God Is Proudly Fond of My Aspiration-Wings 35 S
Prediction Fails, Silence Sails 36 S
God-Realisation Is Simple 37 S
Every Day, Every Hour 38 S
I Am a Lamb 39 S
Devotion 40 S
While I Fly on God-Devotion-Wings 41 S
I Do Not Want My God-Hunger 42 S
No Pushing, No Pulling 43 S
My Lord, I Have Seen 44 S
My Lord, My Only Prayer to You (2) 45 S
I Am Dying for Enlightenment 46 S
God — I Love to Please 47 S
The Mind Knows How to Sneer 48 S
The Mind Human Constantly Loves 49 S
The Mind Human Loves to Read 50 S
The Mind Human Loves to Be 51 S
Each Life Is a Unique Contribution 52 S
My Aspiration-Flame 53 S
A God-Gratitude-Heart 54 S A
No Good Reason 55 S
Each Life Is an Eternal Pilgrimage 56 S
I Have Come to Realise 57 S
Angels Fly Far 58 S
My Sleepy Eyes 59 S
O Disobedience 60 S
He Who Is a God-Dedication-Breath 61 S
God Comes Running 62 S
God Comes Sprinting 63 S
My Proud Vital and My Mind Kneel 64 S
Forgiveness-Might 65 S
My Heart Hungers 66 S
I want My Mind-Oblivion To Enjoy 67 S
Forgiveness-Strides 68 S
God Never Loses Track 69 S
My Heart-Tears Lenghten 70 S
My Heart’s Heaven-Pilgrimage 71 S
My Heart Is Swimming and Swimming 72 S
Because I Ignore God 73 S
If You Do Not Love God 74 S
Oh, When I am my Heart’s God-Tear-Fragrance 75 S
Devotion-Songs 76 S
My Life Lives with Secret Hopes 77 S
Mine Is the Heart 78 S
God-Remembrance 79 S
O My God-Reaching Heart 80 S
Oh, Where Is Death? 81 S
I Want to See God’s Face-Beauty 82 S
To See the Soul 83 S
I Am a Constant Mistake-Maker 84 S
God Counts My Pleading Heart-Tears 85 S
Let Me No More Roam 86 S
My Life Has Lost Its God-Oneness-Soul 87 S
What Do I Have? 88 S
God Speaks 89 S
Earth-Popularity 90 S
When My Home Is My Heart 91 S
Disobedience-Deeds 92 S
My Days Are for God’s Bountiful Grace 93 S
My Mind-Machine 94 S
I Am Not Afraid 95 S
Alas, I Blame God 96 S
Expectation Is Frustration-Poison-Drinking 97 S
Eat and Drink 98 S
Happy New Year 99 S
O, Make My Life a Ceaseless Flood 100 S
Any Moment Is the Right Moment (3) 101 S

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