Enthusiasm, Part 7

108 English songs from Christmas/New year 2003-2004, published on 2004-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
I Have Come to Complete (1) 107
My Lord, Please, Please Bind Me 1
My Lord, Please, Please Free Me 2
Division 3
A Sleepless Self-Giving Life 4
Indifference Is a Slow Poison 5
Indifference Prevents 6
Indifference-Enjoyers 7
No More I See 8
My Lord Spreads Out 9
Peace-Dreamers, Peace-Lovers 10
I Shall Never Have 11
An Aspiration-Heart and a Gratitude-Life 12
My Morning Running Prayer 13
Do Not Retire, Do Not Retire 14
My Heart Is My Master’s Home 15
Smiling, the Breath of the New Year 16
My God-Hungry Eye 17
My God-Hungry Heart 18
Beautiful 19
Blissful 20
Godful 21
Smiling, Singing, Dancing 22
My Lord Dances His Ecstasy-Dance 23
The Desire-Life-Stories 24
Aspiration-Heart-Songs 25
Our Heart-Days 26
No Rest After God Realisation 27
I Do Not Pray to God 28
No Heart Is Too Weak 29
No Life Is Too Insignificant 30
The Mind’s Proudest Verdict 31
I Use My Vision-Eye 32
I Use My Mission-Heart 33
When I Most Sincerely Pray 34
My New Inner Name 35
My New Outer Name 36
To God, Nothing Is More Important 37
My Mind and I 38
My Heart and I 39
My God-Obedience 40
My God-Disobedience 41
My Master Reveals the Unseen God 42
God Is Ready to Discuss With Me 43
My Real Homeland 44
Long, Long Ago 45
God’s Compassion-Eye Blessingfully Teaches Me 46
God’s Forgiveness-Heart Blessingfully Teaches Me 47
At Long Last, I Am Able to Enter 48
My Lord Supreme Never Doubts Me 49
My Lord Supreme Never Insists 50
A True Seeker 51
God’s Invisible Blows 52
God’s Visible Blows 53
There Is No Curtain 54
My God-Journey: My God-Discovery 55
My Heart Depends Solely on God 57
God Wants Me to Take Advice 58
The Day of Judgement 59
Hindu, Muslim 60
Hindu Blood, Muslim Blood 61
Hindu Belief, Christian Belief 62
Wealth Is Not Money-Property 63
Everything Leads Us 64
God Has Paved the Way 65
God-Sanctioned Fasting 66
I Love and Need 67
If I Use Not My Heart to Pray 68
When My Body Suffers 69
I Am Not a Charity Giver 70
One Who Aspires and One Who Desires 71
Even If I Act Mistakenly 72
My Body Goes to God Walking 73
Charity Secretly Given 74
My Lord’s Heart-Market-Store 75
Any Moment Is the Right Moment (2) 76 S A
God Knows Well 77
Our Sincere Smile 78
If You Want To Proclaim God’s Victory 79
Give Away What You Have 80
Heart You Need When You Pray 81
We All Need 82
My Soul Has Rights 83
Fire Devours Firewood 84
A Single, Soulful Prayer 85
Genuine Aspiration 86
To Draw God Close 87
My Desire-Life Enjoys Dictatorship 88
My Aspiration-Life 89
When My Devotion-Heart Approaches God 90
Give Up Not Hope 91
Life Is Not a Desire-Entertainment 92
Lo, Ecstasy Has Come 93
I Must Try and Try 94
My Heart Exports My God-Loving Tears 95
My Soul Imports Peace and Bliss 96
God-Obedience Is the Only Subject 97
I Can Never Devour Enough 98
Out of Function 99
Against the Power of Love 100 S A
Against the Power of the Inner Joy 101 S A
I Long to Go to God’s Heart-Palace 102
He (She) Will Attain the Supreme Goal 103
I Shall Walk the Earth 104
Never Bow 105
My Lord’s Most Favourite Song 106
My Lord Has Blessed Me 107
My Determination 108

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