Enthusiasm, Part 7

108 English songs from Christmas/New year 2003-2004, published on 2004-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
My Lord, Please, Please Bind Me 1 S
My Lord, Please, Please Free Me 2 S
Division 3 S
A Sleepless Self-Giving Life 4 S
Indifference Is a Slow Poison 5 S
Indifference Prevents 6 S
Indifference-Enjoyers 7 S
No More I See 8 S
My Lord Spreads Out 9 S
Peace-Dreamers, Peace-Lovers 10 S
I Shall Never Have 11 S
An Aspiration-Heart and a Gratitude-Life 12 S
My Morning Running Prayer 13 S
Do Not Retire, Do Not Retire 14 S
My Heart Is My Master’s Home 15 S
Smiling, the Breath of the New Year 16 S
My God-Hungry Eye 17 S
My God-Hungry Heart 18 S
Beautiful 19 S
Blissful 20 S
Godful 21 S
Smiling, Singing, Dancing 22 S
My Lord Dances His Ecstasy-Dance 23 S
The Desire-Life-Stories 24 S
Aspiration-Heart-Songs 25 S
Our Heart-Days 26 S
No Rest After God Realisation 27 S
I Do Not Pray to God 28 S
No Heart Is Too Weak 29 S
No Life Is Too Insignificant 30 S
The Mind’s Proudest Verdict 31 S
I Use My Vision-Eye 32 S
I Use My Mission-Heart 33 S
When I Most Sincerely Pray 34 S
My New Inner Name 35 S
My New Outer Name 36 S
To God, Nothing Is More Important 37 S
My Mind and I 38 S
My Heart and I 39 S
My God-Obedience 40 S
My God-Disobedience 41 S
My Master Reveals the Unseen God 42 S
God Is Ready to Discuss With Me 43 S
My Real Homeland 44 S
Long, Long Ago 45 S
God’s Compassion-Eye Blessingfully Teaches Me 46 S
God’s Forgiveness-Heart Blessingfully Teaches Me 47 S
At Long Last, I Am Able to Enter 48 S
My Lord Supreme Never Doubts Me 49 S
My Lord Supreme Never Insists 50 S
A True Seeker 51 S
God’s Invisible Blows 52 S
God’s Visible Blows 53 S
There Is No Curtain 54 S
My God-Journey: My God-Discovery 55 S
I Have Come to Complete (1) 56 S
My Heart Depends Solely on God 57 S
God Wants Me to Take Advice 58 S
The Day of Judgement 59 S
Hindu, Muslim 60 S
Hindu Blood, Muslim Blood 61 S
Hindu Belief, Christian Belief 62 S
Wealth Is Not Money-Property 63 S
Everything Leads Us 64 S
God Has Paved the Way 65 S
God-Sanctioned Fasting 66 S
I Love and Need 67 S
If I Use Not My Heart to Pray 68 S
When My Body Suffers 69 S
I Am Not a Charity Giver 70 S
One Who Aspires and One Who Desires 71 S
Even If I Act Mistakenly 72 S
My Body Goes to God Walking 73 S
Charity Secretly Given 74 S
My Lord’s Heart-Market-Store 75 S
Any Moment Is the Right Moment (2) 76 S A
God Knows Well 77 S
Our Sincere Smile 78 S
If You Want To Proclaim God’s Victory 79 S
Give Away What You Have 80 S
Heart You Need When You Pray 81 S
We All Need 82 S
My Soul Has Rights 83 S
Fire Devours Firewood 84 S
A Single, Soulful Prayer 85 S
Genuine Aspiration 86 S
To Draw God Close 87 S
My Desire-Life Enjoys Dictatorship 88 S
My Aspiration-Life 89 S
When My Devotion-Heart Approaches God 90 S
Give Up Not Hope 91 S
Life Is Not a Desire-Entertainment 92 S
Lo, Ecstasy Has Come 93 S
I Must Try and Try 94 S
My Heart Exports My God-Loving Tears 95 S
My Soul Imports Peace and Bliss 96 S
God-Obedience Is the Only Subject 97 S
I Can Never Devour Enough 98 S
Out of Function 99 S
Against the Power of Love 100 S A
Against the Power of the Inner Joy 101 S A
I Long to Go to God’s Heart-Palace 102 S
He (She) Will Attain the Supreme Goal 103 S
I Shall Walk the Earth 104 S
Never Bow 105 S
My Lord’s Most Favourite Song 106 S
My Lord Has Blessed Me 107 S
My Determination 108 S

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