Enthusiasm, Part 6

73 English songs from 2003, published on 2004-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
My Lord, Make Me Your Happiness-Child 1 S
My Supreme Lord, When I Die 2 S
My Dear Lord, I Have Forgotten 3 S
My Dear Lord, What Will You Give Me? 4 S
My Dear Lord, Please Tell Me 5 S
Dearer Than the Dearest 6 S
I Love Freedom 7 S
I Pray and Pray and Pray 8 S
Time Immediately Disappears 9 S
You Victory is My Heart’s Only Dream 10 S
Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest (3) 11 S
My Lord, My Only Prayer to You (1) 12 S
Forgiveness Is the Only Real Happiness 13 S
“God, Give Me!” 14 S
I Love God Because 15 S
God Desires My Life to Be 16 S
God Loves to Be Chased 17 S
Keep Singing 18 S
I Have Only One Mantra 19 S
I Want to Worship God 20 S
Our Comedies Reach God’s Mind-Door 21 S
By Entertaining 22 S
By Enlightening 23 S
A Real Joke 24 S
Humour Is My Lifes's Fear and Tear-Killer 25 S
God’s Sense of Humour 26 S
God’s Way Is Always Flooded 27 S
If You Do Not Have a Sense of Humour 28 S
The Heart of Every Real God-Seeker 29 S
Each Seeker Is an Unhorizoned Dream (2) 30 S
My Utter Desire-Failure 31 S
May My Heart Remain Always Hungry 32 S
My Surrender-Victory-Drum 33 S
God’s Vision-Eye 34 S
My Heart Is a God-Made Flute-Melody 35 S
The Heart-Flute Plays Only Angel-Notes 36 S
The Music of a Drum 37 S
When My Mind Salutes God 38 S
O My Life-Flute 39 S
In the Morning, I Love 40 S
It Is Your Fault 41 S
While He Plays on His Flute 42 S
Play Your Eagerness-Flute 43 S
May My Heart-Flute Play 44 S
My Piano Says to My Flute 45 S
God Drinks and Drinks 46 S
My Cello and My Flute 47 S
My Esraj my Soul’s Zenith-Message-Height. 48 S
The Journey Within 49 S
Your Childlike Heart 50 S
My Heart-Flute 51 S
Only the Aspiring Heart 52 S
My Lord, You Have Tried 53 S
The Golden Flute Is Beckoning You 54 S
My Life Is My Lord’s Compassion-Fount 55 S
My Heart Is Brave (1) 56 S
Keep Crying 57 S
Keep Striving 58 S
No More My Mind Boss 59 S
God Is Ready With You to Play 60 S
I Am a Heart-Musician 61 S
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! 62 S
I Love My Lord, I Love My Lord! 63 S
When I Am in My Heart 64 S
My Heart Thrives 65 S
My Self-Giving Life 66 S
God Eagerly Waits 67 S
Each Divinely Inspired Thought 68 S
Run Away from the Mind’s Confines 69 S
My Lord Beloved Invites My Heart 70 S
My Heart’s Only One Dilemma 71 S
My Lord’s Compassion-Eye Appears 72 S
My Self-Doubt Blizzard 73 S

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