Enthusiasm, Part 3

127 English songs from 2001, not composed on Christmas trip, published on 2002-04-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Every Day We Must Fulfil 1 S
I Give God a Piece of Good News 2 S
I Give God My Proud Views 3 S
My Self-Giving Drill 4 S
I Bid Adieu to My Self-Indulgence 5 S
The Mind-Prayer 6 S
The Heart-Meditation 7 S
Frustration Is a Useless Zero 8 S
Things That Money-Power Cannot Buy 9 S
God-Aspiration-Beauty 10 S
The Ancient Sincerity 11 S
Prayer-Cries Strengthen 12 S
Prayer-Fulfilment 13 S
Meditation-Fulfilment 14 S
Every Mother Is an Angel 15 S
Stop Not 16 S
Gratitude-Plant 17 S
Transformation-Seed 18 S
God-Hunger 19 S
Peace of Mind 20 S
Love of God Always Proceeds 21 S
I Acquire Peace (1) 22 S
It Is Only Through Inner Peace (1) 23 S
Trials in the Outer World 24 S
To Silence Enthusiasm 25 S
Serve the Crying Earth 26 S
Patience Is Not Peace 27 S
Allow Failure to Teach You 28 S
Tasteless Are the Mind-Frowns 29 S
Delicious Are the Heart-Smiles 30 S
Earth-Knowledge 31 S
Heaven-Wisdom 32 S
God the Heart 33 S
God the Eye 34 S
God the Mind 35 S
God the Smile 36 S
My Heart Is a God-Gratitude-Song 37 S
My Life Is a God-Beatitude-Flute 38 S
My Soul Is a God-Plenitude-Dream 39 S
I Adore God’s Protection-Arms 40 S
I Love God’s Compassion-Eye 41 S
I Worship God’s Forgiveness-Feet 42 S
My Lord’s Grace Begins 43 S
Old Age Is a New Page 44 S
I Know, Even at the Very Top 45 S
Every Day, Hours and Hours 46 S
From High Above 47 S
O Heart of Aspiration 48 S
O, Leave the School of the Mind 49 S
No Gloom, No Doom 50 S
Ignorance-Night I Dare 51 S
O My Hopeless Mind 52 S
When My Lord Is Sadly Missing 53 S
Mine Is the Breath of Gratitude 54 S
God Loves Me More Than I Love Him 55 S
Never Say No to Your God-Oneness-Heart 56 S
Sweet Is Devotion 57 S
Blue Sky, Red Sun 58 S
A Vastness-Sky and a Vastness-Ocean 59 S
For God’s Nectar-Feet 60 S
I Sing for God 61 S
When God Is In 62 S
O World-Peace-Nations 63 S
Old Age Is a New Soul 64 S
O, There Shall Come a Time 65 S
When I Feel Forsaken 66 S
No, My Heart Is Not Blind 67 S
One with God-Thought 68 S
Do Not Worry 69 S
My Ruthless Mind 70 S
I Heed My Lord 71 S
Humanity 72 S
We Achieve Nothing by Lying 73 S
To Give My Lord the Utmost Joy 74 S
With the Beauty of My Outer Running 75 S
The Outer Run Inspires Me 76 S
My Esraj 77 S
My Piano’s Madness-Surprise 78 S
I Tell My Lord to Wait for a While 79 S
All My Desires 80 S
My Lord Beloved Heaves a Long Sigh 81 S
To Love Running 82 S
I Know God Through My Poems (1) 83 S
My Smiles Are God in Action (1) 84 S
I Love to Speak to God (1) 85 S
I Do My Job: I Preach (1) 86 S
In God’s Spare Time He Asks My Heart (1) 87 S
My Lord, I Have Won 88 S
My Heart Needs Only One Freedom (1) 89 S
A Depressed Heart (1) 90 S
The Farther Away I Am (1) 91 S
Two Souls Meet to Promise 92 S
Detachment Is 93 S
Faith Cures My Sorrows (1) 94 S
My Inner Hunger Cries 95 S
Arise! Awake! Arise! Awake! 96 S A
Awake! Arise! Awake! Arise! 97 S
My Heart and I Must Never Fail 98 S
I Am All Joy 99 S
My World Is Joy 100 S
The Peaceful Home of My Soul 101 S
I Praise My Lord 102 S
I Sail My Tiny Life-Boat 103 S
Never I Think of My Past 104 S
My Past Was a God-Unsung Song 105 S
For Her (Him) My Morning Call 106 S
I Was Born to Succeed 107 S
Only Tears Succeed 108 S
Change 109 S
I Can Be the Master of My Thoughts 110 S
I Know My Limits 111 S
One Dream, Million Dreamers 112 S
Never Give Up 113 S
The Invisible Can Be Perceived 114 S
My Heart, My Heart 115 S
My Mind Enjoys the Hour of Night 116 S
Face Darkness, Face 117 S
I Am at Home 118 S
God’s Heart Cradles My Crying Heart 119 S
We All Enjoy Earth-Pleasure 120 S
No Atom Is Empty of God’s Will 121 S
My Heart Lives in Aspiration-Days 122 S
Desire Monopolises 123 S
Halfway to Heaven 124 S
God-Advisers Are All-Where 125 S
You Cannot Be God’s Dove 126 S
I Wish to Hear from God 127 S

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