Enthusiasm, Part 2

47 English songs from Christmas/New Year 2000-2001, published on 2001-04-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
God’s Heart 1 S
The Base Vital World 2 S
The Human in Me Prays to God 3 S
Without My Soul 4 S
Behold 5 S
Oh, When I Tease My Lord Supreme 6 S
The Human in Me Is a Desire-Knife 7 S
God’s Compassion-Eye Cares 8 S
Man Gives Then Takes 9 S
Never Be a Zero 10 S
Worries Churn 11 S
My Doubt Is My Mind-Slavery 12 S
My Talking Mind Is a Hopeless Hope 13 S
My Lord Quickly Appears 14 S
I Know Below, Above 15 S
God Asks Me to Show Him 16 S
God Asks Me to Steal 17 S
May I Have a God-Beauty in My Life 18 S
No Dream: My Supreme Himself 19 S
No Dream: I Am Chosen 20 S
I Proudly Dare to Believe 21 S
Be Pure in Heart 22 S
God Wants Me to Keep Open 23 S
I Am My Master’s Sweetest Toy 24 S
My God-Realisation Is My Last Act 25 S
I Am a God-Inspirer 26 S
Be, My Heart 27 S
Mine Is a Heart of Desire-Free Love 28 S
Mine Is a God-Touch-Life 29 S
My Hope Knows No Sunset 30 S
My Lord and My Lord’s Embrace 31 S
I Am My God-Attention 32 S
I Am My God-Duty 33 S
I Am My Mind-Mastery 34 S
Oh, Run I Must 35 S
A Burning Desire-Breath 36 S A
Follow the Lord 37 S
Each Time I Think of My Lord Supreme 38 S
Get Up, Master, Get Up! 39 S
Never Commit Suicide 40 S
My Soul and I Can Easily See 41 S
My Lord, I Do Not Mind 42 S
My Heart Cries and Dies 43 S
My Heart’s Helpless Tears 44 S
My God-Service-Chariot 45 S
I Quickly Devour and Divinely Enjoy 46 S
Each Smile of My Lord Supreme 47 S

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