Enthusiasm, Part 10

96 English songs from Christmas/New Year 2005-2006, published on 2006-08-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
God Shows His Fondness 1
Faith-Power 2
Some Day 3
We Remember God’s Love 4
The Inner World Smiles at Me 5
Purity Is the Masterpiece 6
For a Very Long Time 7 S
God Himself Is the Composer 8
My Lord, You Are the One 9
Our Tiny, Puny Smiles 10 S
Again and Again God Is Asking My Mind 11 S A
My Lord, Please Help Me to Live 12
I Feed Only 13
Each Service-Height 14
My Heart Says to God 15
My Heart Is Swinging 16
My Hope Is Silver 17
God Has Touched My Heart 18
Life Is Not a Stumbling Experience 19
Life Is a Climbing Realisation 20
The Outer Pain 21
During the Day 22
During the Night 23
Never Give Up Your Inward Gaze 24
I Do Not Want to Retire 25
A God-Lobbyist 26
When God Is God’s Full Justice-Light 27
My Lord, Will You Do The Thinking for Me? 28 S
My Mind, My Mind, My Foolish Mind 29
Every Day, My Way 30
God’s Way 31
As Soon As I Wake Up 32
The Most Unreliable Companion 33
The Ancient Path 34
The Modern Path 35
The Mind’s Way 36
The Heart’s Way 37
Each Wee Earth-Seed 38
No More Self-Indulgence 39
Every Kneeling Prayer 40
I Salute You 41
Affection, Love, Sweetness, Fondness 42
I Dislike Self-Sufficient People 43 S
I Love and Love and Love 44
I Came from God to See 45
Divinity, Divinity 46
Humanity, I Know Not Who You Are 47
I Am Sailing 48 S
Every Morning I Prayerfully and Soulfully 49
My Lord, You Are Your Overwhelming Love 50
Wherever I Go 51 S
My Mind, Why Do You Think? 52 S
Not Only God’s Dreams 53
My Lord, Whether My Heart Is Good or Bad 54
My Lord, I Love Your Strictness 55
Oneness Means God-Expansion 56
Long Ago 57 S
My Lord Tells Me 58 S
Our Inner Reality 59
My Lord, Anything That I Have 60
I Have Written Many Books 61
My Lord-Worship-Happiness-Heart 62
If There Is Peace-Beauty 63 S
How Can I Have Fear? 64
What Is Marriage? 65
I Admire God the Dreamer 66 S
What Do I Do? 67
My Heart-Songs 68
God Himself Has Taught Me 69
My Lord, How Can I Bind Your Feet? 70
Alas, We Are Apt to Invoke 71
O Seeker, Do Not Be Greedy 72
Nothing Can Remain 73
Each Heart Has a Museum 74
Meditate, Meditate, Do Not Anticipate 75 S
When I Please God in His Own Way 76
A Single Glance 77 S A
When We Do Not Pray and Meditate 78
I See the Face of God-Beauty 79
I Touch the Feet of God-Compassion 80
I Feel the Heart of God-Forgiveness 81
I See God inside My Heart-Beauty 82 S
God in Heaven 83
Inside My Master’s Smile 84
Before You Look at the World 85
It Is We Who Take Ourselves Away 86
Nobody Can Claim My Heart on Earth 87
Every Morning God the Hope 88
God Is My Heart-Song 89 S
With Love We Make Our Progress 90 S
With Service 91 S
Every Heart Is Made of Dreams 92 S
Every Life Is Made of Realities 93 S
The Hopes of the Heart 94 S
My Soul-Smiles 95 S
My Heart-Tears Heighten My Life 96

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