Enthusiasm, Part 10

96 English songs from Christmas/New Year 2005-2006, published on 2006-08-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
God Shows His Fondness 1 S
Faith-Power Can Easily Shatter 2 S
Some Day Ignorance Will Be 3 S
We Remember God’s Love 4 S
The Inner World Smiles at Me 5 S
Purity Is the Masterpiece 6 S
For a Very Long Time 7 S
God Himself Is the Composer 8 S
My Lord, You Are the One 9 S
Our Tiny, Puny Smiles 10 S
Again and Again God Is Asking My Mind 11 S A
My Lord, Please Help Me to Live 12 S
I Feed Only 13 S
Each Service-Height 14 S
My Heart Says to God 15 S
My Heart Is Swinging 16 S
My Hope Is Silver 17 S
God Has Touched My Heart 18 S
Life Is Not a Stumbling Experience 19 S
Life Is a Climbing Realisation 20 S
The Outer Pain 21 S
During the Day 22 S
During the Night 23 S
I Do Not Want to Retire 25 S
I Want My Mind To Be A God-Lobbyist 26 S
When God Is God’s Full Justice-Light 27 S
My Lord, Will You Do The Thinking for Me? 28 S
My Mind, My Mind, My Foolish Mind 29 S
Every Day, My Way 30 S
God’s Way 31 S
As Soon As I Wake Up 32 S
The Mind is The Most Unreliable Companion 33 S
The Ancient Path 34 S
The Modern Path 35 S
The Mind’s Way 36 S
The Heart’s Way 37 S
Each Wee Earth-Seed 38 S
No More Self-Indulgence 39 S
Every Kneeling Prayer 40 S
I Salute You 41 S
Affection, Love, Sweetness, Fondness 42 S
I Dislike Self-Sufficient People 43 S
I Love and Love and Love 44 S
I Came from God to See 45 S
Divinity, Divinity 46 S
Humanity, Humanity! 47 S
I Am Sailing 48 S
Every Morning I Prayerfully and Soulfully 49 S
My Lord, You Are Your Overwhelming Love 50 S
Wherever I Go 51 S
My Mind, Why Do You Think? 52 S
Not Only God’s Dreams 53 S
My Lord, Whether My Heart Is Good or Bad 54 S
My Lord, I Love Your Strictness 55 S
Oneness Means God-Expansion 56 S
Long Ago 57 S
My Lord Tells Me 58 S
Our Inner Reality 59 S
My Lord, Anything That I Have 60 S
I Have Written Many Books 61 S
My Lord-Worship-Happiness-Heart 62 S
If There Is Peace-Beauty 63 S
How Can I Have Fear? 64 S
What Is Marriage? 65 S
I Admire God the Dreamer 66 S
What Do I Do? 67 S
My Heart-Songs God Proudly Sings 68 S
God Himself Has Taught Me 69 S
My Lord, How Can I Bind Your Feet? 70 S
Alas, We Are Apt to Invoke 71 S
O Seeker, Do Not Be Greedy 72 S
Nothing Can Remain 73 S
Each Heart Has a Museum 74 S
Meditate, Meditate, Do Not Anticipate 75 S
When I Please God in His Own Way 76 S
A Single Glance 77 S A
When We Do Not Pray and Meditate 78 S
I See the Face of God-Beauty 79 S
I Touch the Feet of God-Compassion 80 S
I Feel the Heart of God-Forgiveness 81 S
I See God inside My Heart-Beauty 82 S
God in Heaven 83 S
Inside My Master’s Smile 84 S
Before You Look at the World 85 S
It Is We Who Take Ourselves Away 86 S
Nobody Can Claim My Heart on Earth 87 S
Every Morning God the Hope 88 S
God Is My Heart-Song 89 S
With Love We Make Our Progress 90 S
With Service 91 S
Every Heart Is Made of Dreams 92 S
Every Life Is Made of Realities 93 S
The Hopes of the Heart 94 S
My Soul-Smiles 95 S
My Heart-Tears Heighten My Life 96 S

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