Enthusiasm, Part 1

60 English songs from the Christmas/New Year period 1999-2000, published on 2000-04-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
I Am My Soul-Song 1 S
My Mind Is Full of Failure-Sobs 2 S
I Serve God’s Life Self-Givingly 3 S
My End Came 4 S
Today’s God Is God-Request 5 S
God-Talker, God-Preacher 6 S
Alas, Alas, Frustration-Sea 7 S A
Enthusiasm, God’s Main Food 8 S
Your Victory Is My Heart’s Only Dream 9 S
My Supreme Beloved Lord’s Moonlit Feet 10 S
My Supreme Lord Is Ready 11 S
My Himalayan Pride 12 S
A Heart of Peace-Contentment 13 S A
Oh, Take a Break 14 S
Smiling, My Lord’s Big Ear Hears 15 S
Age Is Not a Downward Slope 16 S A
Age Is Not a Bold Bar 17 S A
The Master’s Heart and Eye 18 S
Mine Is the Vital That Wants to Terrorise 19 S
Be Not Frantic 20 S
Blame Not Your Fate 21 S
Because My Master’s Voice Is My Choice 22 S
Even For Me 23 S
Cry, You Will Soon Fly 24 S
My Earth Has My Mind-Noise 25 S
Captain, Captain, My Heart-Captain 26 S
Alas, How Quickly We All Fall 27 S A
Tomorrow Is for Those 28 S
A Chatting Life I Have 29 S A
God Himself Sets the Pace 30 S
The Tears of My Climbing Heart 31 S
The Divine in Me Loses 32 S
I Have Tamed My Outer Life 33 S
Enthusiasm Is Second to None 34 S
Enthusiasm 35 S
Enthusiasm Is My Soul’s Mightiest Roar 36 S
Enthusiasm Says to Me 37 S
Man-Made Friendship 38 S
Love-Beauty Prevails 39 S
The Weakness-Mind 40 S
My Supreme Came Down 41 S
My Lord Loves to Hear 42 S
My Impurity-Mind 43 S
God the Eye Examines Me 44 S
Spirituality Blind 45 S
A Computerised Mind, Alas 46 S
A Computerised Mind Remains Farthest Behind 47 S
A Computerised Mind 48 S
My Heart Is Begging God 49 S
Never Allow Anyone 50 S
Patience-Light Exhausted 51 S
Man Is Waiting 52 S
No More, No More 53 S
Patience Fails 54 S
Patience-Atrophy 55 S
Patience Is the Beauty of Secrecy 56 S
At God’s Choice Hour 57 S
Patience Is Eternity’s Goodness 58 S
Patience Is Immortality’s Beckoning Hand 59 S
O Heart-Rending Inner Cry 60 S

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