Enthusiasm, Part 1

60 English songs from the Christmas/New Year period 1999-2000, published on 2000-04-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
I Am My Soul-Song 1
My Mind Is Full of Failure-Sobs 2
I Serve God’s Life Self-Givingly 3
My End Came 4
Today’s God Is God-Request 5
God-Talker, God-Preacher 6
Alas, Alas, Frustration-Sea 7 S A
Enthusiasm, God’s Main Food 8
Your Victory Is My Heart’s Only Dream 9
My Supreme Beloved Lord’s Moonlit Feet 10
My Supreme Lord Is Ready 11
My Himalayan Pride 12
A Heart of Peace-Contentment 13 S A
Oh, Take a Break 14
Smiling, My Lord’s Big Ear Hears 15
Age Is Not a Downward Slope 16 S A
Age Is Not a Bold Bar 17 S A
The Master’s Heart and Eye 18
Mine Is the Vital That Wants to Terrorise 19
Be Not Frantic 20
Blame Not Your Fate 21
Because My Master’s Voice Is My Choice 22
Even For Me 23
Cry, You Will Soon Fly 24
My Earth Has My Mind-Noise 25
Captain, Captain, My Heart-Captain 26
Alas, How Quickly We All Fall 27 S A
Tomorrow Is for Those 28
A Chatting Life I Have 29 S A
God Himself Sets the Pace 30
The Tears of My Climbing Heart 31
The Divine in Me Loses 32
I Have Tamed My Outer Life 33
Enthusiasm Is Second to None 34
Enthusiasm 35
Enthusiasm Is My Soul’s Mightiest Roar 36
Enthusiasm Says to Me 37
Man-Made Friendship 38
Love-Beauty Prevails 39
The Weakness-Mind 40
My Supreme Came Down 41
My Lord Loves to Hear 42
My Impurity-Mind 43
God the Eye Examines Me 44
Spirituality Blind 45
A Computerised Mind, Alas 46
A Computerised Mind Remains Farthest Behind 47
A Computerised Mind 48
My Heart Is Begging God 49
Never Allow Anyone 50
Patience-Light Exhausted 51
Man Is Waiting 52
No More, No More 53
Patience Fails 54
Patience Is the Beauty of Secrecy 56
At God’s Choice Hour 57
Patience Is Eternity’s Goodness 58
Patience Is Immortality’s Beckoning Hand 59
O Heart-Rending Inner Cry 60
Patience-Atrophy 55

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