Ebar Ami Jante Chahi

Composed on Apr. 18th, 1973


Ebar ami jante chahi bhalo kothai bhalo
Agyanatar sabar prane dekhe andhar kalo
Alor pane barek takao takao alor pane
Bibhu tomai dakbe hese mrittyujayi gane
Mitthya bhitir bibhishika tomar prane hane
Nayan mani prabhu moder jane sabi jane
Dhruba rupe phutao tomai ar karona deri
Chaudike aj shunbe dhara tomar bijoy bheri


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

This time I wish to know what is good
     and where is good.Ignorance sees darkness in everything
     and in all.Open your eyes to the supernal Light!
The Lord Supreme invites you to sing
     His Song of Immortality.The fear of false dragon-torture is torturing
     your heart.Our Beloved Lord Supreme is fully conscious of it.
It escapes not His Vision-Light.
Try to awaken and fulfil your life in the divine
     way supreme.Delay not! The whole world is bound to hear
     the loud proclamation of your victory-drum.

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