Ebar Ami Jabo Tomar Kache Ghor

Composed on Sep. 30th, 1973


Ebar ami jabo tomar kachhe ghor andhare basbona ar bhalo
Tomar kripa prane amar nache chaudike mor alo tomar alo
Mitthya moha churna halo aj dur digante shuni tomar joy
Tumi habe ebar amar taj tomar pele ami je nirbhoy


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

This time I shall go to You.
I shall no longer love darkness-night.
Your Compassion-rays dance in my heart:
Light, a flood of Light within and without.
Falsehood-attachment is smashed asunder today.
I hear Your Victory-trumpet in far-off lands.
From now on, You will be my crown divine.
In You I grow into my will adamantine.

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