Duhsaha Byatha Kemane Sahibo Balo

Composed on Nov. 22nd, 1975


Duhsaha byetha kemane sahibo balo
Prabhu jetha jabe tumi niye more chalo
    Ami taba kritadas
    Dharanir upahas
Sahite paribo jani
Tomar hridaye tani
    Ei dharanir chhal
    Kuruper halahal
Tomare karibe joy
Ogo chira akkhoy
Eka ami kandi prabhu niye more chalo
Duhsaha byetha kemane sahibo balo


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Do tell me how can I bear
Unbearable sorrows, O Lord?
Wherever You go, do carry me,
Take me with You.
Admittedly, I am Your slave.
The world laughs at me
But I know I will be able to bear
Everything that the world
Mercilessly does to me.
I draw You towards my heart.
I offer You the tricks and deceptions of this world
And the poison of ugliness.
O Immutable One, I shall conquer You
With my heart’s adoration-light.

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