Dipta Madhuri Byapta Jethai

Sri Chinmoy performing:


Dipta madhuri byapta jethai tomar aloi dore
Khaniker tare basiyo janani amare loiya krore
Dekhibo harashe taba madhurima shunibo tomar bani
Tomar anchale abrita habe khudra e deha khani
Keha dekhibena keha janibena keha shunibena katha
Tomar ankhe labhibo janani madhumoy nirabata
Chapal paran prashanta hale jagaye amare diyo
Bhul pathe jadi jai punaray taniya amare niyo


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Mother, Mother Divine, Mother of mine,
Do place me and my earth-existence life
On Your Divine Lap Supreme.
Mother, O Mother, for a fleeting second,
My heart of inner pangs desires
To be at the door of Your Heart-Home
Which is flooded with Your Sun-Effulgence
And Your Moon-Translucence.
With my heart's breathless joy
I shall drink in the nectar-beauty
Of Your golden Immortality's
Transcendence -Beyond,
And listen to Your loving, glowing,
And life-transforming Compassion-Voice.
This small and fragile earth-body of mine
Discovers its Eternal Haven-Light
In Your Illumination-Perfection heart sky.
Nobody will glimpse, nobody will know,
Nobody will hear the breath of a word.
Eternity's Silence-Life will reign supreme
Upon my devotion-head and my surrender-heart.
Mother, when the spark of restlessness-life
Torments and assails me
And my earth-members, body-vital-mind-heart,
Do destroy my somnolence-oblivion,
Mother, do bring me back if ever I swerve
From the Path of Your Truth-Oneness,

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