Dilli Chalo

Composed on Dec. 1st, 1996


Dilli chalo Dilli chalo gahiye Joy Hind
Bharat basi halei halo panjabi ki sindh
Bharat Matar chhele mora Bharat Matar meye
Pushta mora tushta mora mayer sneha peye
Dak eseche dak eseche Netajir aj dak
Bajai chalo bajai chalo mayer bijoy shankh


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Onward, let us march towards Delhi,
Singing Jai Hind!
Whether we are from the Punjab
     Or the Sindh,We are all Mother India’s sonsAnd Mother India’s daughters.We have received
Mother India’s affection infinite.Therefore, we are completely satisfied.
Netaji is beckoning us,
Netaji is beckoning us!
Let us blow our Mother India’s     Victory-Conch!

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