Dekha Dao Ogo Shanti

Composed on Dec. 17th, 1972


Dekha dao ogo shanti
Chale jao aj bhranti
Dekha dao ogo shakti
Niye jao mor bhakti
Dekha dao ogo mukti
Nahi chahi ar jukti
Dekha dao hiya surya
Chira bijayer turiya


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

O Peace, Divine Peace,
Do appear before me.
O error, away you go today.
O Power, Divine Power,
Do appear before me.
Accept all my devotion.
O Liberation, Divine Liberation,
Do appear before me.
Reason I want no more.
O Sun, Divine Sun, of my heart,
Do appear before me.
You are the Clarion Call of Eternal Victory.

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