Deha Ache Ache Byetha

Composed on Apr. 12th, 1976


Deha ache ache byetha
    Tari sathe mishe
Deha dhari sukhi kabe
    Shanti pabe kise
Je kareche man joy
    Shudhu sei sukhi
Ar sab brintya chyuta
    Pushpa samo dukhi


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

The body exists,
Therefore, suffering, too.
Inseparable they are.
He who owns a body
Is always assailed by countless ailments.
World-suffering befriends him.
For him there is no peace of mind.
But he who has conquered
    His earth-bound mind
Has made friends with Eternity’s Delight.
The rest are doomed to suffer,
Like a flower forcibly plucked from the tree.

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