Climbing Flames

43 English miscellaneous songs, some quotes, published on 1982-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
A Swing of Flowers 1 S
Acapulco 2 S
Beauty’s Blossom-Heart-Forest! 3 S
Good Morning 4 S
I Am My Military Pride 5 S
The Invocation 6
Krishna’s Consciousness 7 S
Mazatlan 8 S
Mexico 9 S
My Lord, Give Me a Body of Solid Strength 10 S
O My Lord, Give Me a Heart of Sweetness 11 S
My Lord, Give Me a Purity-Mind 12 S
My Lord, Give Me a Translucent Soul 13 S
My Lord, Give Me a Vital of High Sacrifice 14 S
The Seeker Who Waits 15 S
Every Day My Dear Supreme (2) 16 S
Seven Visits From My Supreme 16 S T
Song-Waves (1) 17 S
Song-Waves (3) 18 S
Song-Waves (2) 19 S
Trinidad, Tobago: Sweetness-Heart and Oneness-Soul 20 S
Vive La France! Vive La France! 21 S
Today What We Have 22 S
With Its Best Friend 23 S
Bach 24 S
Bach Is the End 25 S
Bach Is the Father 26 S
I Offer Myself 27 S
Only Practise It Diligently 28 S
To Give Wings of Eternity 29 S
Hostages Are Now Amazingly Free 30 S
Fifty-Two Hostages 31 S
Four Hundred and Forty-Four Days 32 S
Free, Soulfully Free 33 S
President of the General Assembly 34 S
Doctor Padilla, a soul of perfection-choice 35 S
Misha Toyber 36 S
Americans Are a Self-Critical People 37 S
It May Be True 38 S
Brother Narasimha Rao! 39 S
Malcolm Hill 40 S
Sister Dana 42 S
Some Men See Things As They Are 43 S

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