Chile (1)

Composed on Dec. 20th, 1986


Chile, Chile, Chile, Chile, Chile, Chile!
Chaityer shoirjyer jhilimili
Ekadhare pramoder paribar
Durgati krandan durbar
Prachiner ankhi nabiner rakhi
Joy hok joy hok hok joy
Swadhinata antar nirbhoy


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Chile, Chile, Chile, Chile!
In you, I see the splendour-jubilee
Of consciousness-flooded power-life.
You are at once a oneness-family
Of stupendous mirth and untold misfortune,
Streaming tears and excruciating pangs.
You embody the seer-vision of the hoary past
And the measureless fulness-love
  Of tomorrow's dawn.Victory — your victory we solemnly proclaimIn your indomitable independence-light
  Of success-progress-life.

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