Cheyechhilam Kabi Hate

Composed on Jan. 5th, 1999


Cheyechhilam kabi hate
Karle amai rishi kabi
Cheyechhilam jogi hate
Karle amai abatar
Cheyechhilam bhera hate
Karle amai singharaj
Cheyechhilam pada dhuli
Dile amai tomar mala
Tomar mukut tomar singhasan


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

I wanted to become just a poet,
But You have made me a Seer-Poet.
I wanted to become a Yogi,
But You have made me an Avatar.
I wanted to become Your lamb,
But You have made me Your lion-king.
I desired the dust of Your Feet,
But You gave me Your Victory-Garland,
Your Crown and Your Throne.

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