Chander Deshe

134 Bengali/English songs, published on 1991-11-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Dine Rate Thakte Chahi 1 S T A
Day and Night I Long to Live 2 S A
Ajike Prabhate Chahinu Janani 3 S T A
This Morning I Beg of Thee 4 S A
Prati Rate Chander Deshe 5 S T A
Every Evening 6 S A
Maner Chhalana Hiyar Bedana 7 S T A
Mind-Deception, Heart-Pangs 8 S A
Hiyar Khudha Kothai Tumi 9 S T A
O My Heart-Hunger 10 S A
Ashar Pathe Na Chalile 11 S T A
If I Do Not Walk Along the Hope-Road 12 S
Dyulok Kothai Dyulok Kothai 13 S T A
Where Is Heaven? 14 S A
Basana Dwar Khule Aji 15 S T A
I Am Deeply Hurt 16 S A
Ogo Maner Durbalata 17 S T A
O Weakness of My Mind 18 S A
Basana Mukta Hate Habe More 19 S T A
I Must Free Myself 20 S A
Jagite Chahina Kandite Chahina 21 S T A
In the Depths of My Heart I Do Not Want To 22 S A
Pabo Ki Hai Ei Jibane 23 S T A
Alas, Will I Ever Have A Glimpse? 24 S A
Shishur Hriday Pabe Amar 25 S T
Shishur Mato Na Hasile 27 S T A
If I Smile Not Like a Child 28 S A
Basanar Deshe Jatanar Shesh 29 S T A
In Desire-Land 30 S A
Hai Hai Bhabi Shudhu 31 S T A
Alas, I Think Only of Success-Life 32 S A
Alo Alo Eso Eso Jao Go Niye 33 S T A
Light, Light Divine 34 S
Chetana Sagare Santar Katite 35 S T A
Satisfaction Supreme I Receive 36 S A
Usha Devi Eso Eso 37 S T A
Dawn Goddess 38 S A
Nirab Bhashai Gahite Chahi Go 39 S T A
Your Victory-Songs 40 S A
Khandana Kare Maha Bandhan 41 S T A
Attachment-Bondage 42 S A
Ghumer Deshe Ghure Berai 43 S T A
I Am Roaming Day and Night 44 S A
Janite Amare Danite Amare 45 S T A
I Come into the World Again and Again 46 S A
Rakhbo Kabe Mor Amire 47 S T A
My Lord Supreme, Do Tell Me When 48 S A
Dure Chale Jao Ogo Manaser 49 S T A
Away You Go 50 S A
Ashar Duar Khuliya Rekhechi (1) 51 S T A
My Lord, I Have Kept My Hope-Door Open 52 S
Ananda Parabar 53 S T A
O Delight-Ocean 54 S A
Sagarer Jale Kheliya Nachiya 55 S T A
Playing and Dancing in Ocean Waters 56 S A
Sangi Bihin Din Rajani 57 S T A
No Friend During the Day 58 S A
Kandte Chahi Kandte Janina 59 S T A
I Want to Cry 60 S A
Bhul Karego Amar Jiban katai 61 S T A
Ceaselessly Making Mistakes 62 S A
Nil Baridhir Gabhire 63 S T A
My Heart’s Inner Pilot Supreme 64 S A
Samudra Aji Dekhalo Amai 65 S T A
Ocean Has Shown Me Today 66 S A
Kende Kende Mari Prabhu 67 S T A
Only to See a Little Smile 68 S A
Chorer Mato Lukiye Thake 69 S T A
All My Inner Mistakes 70 S A
Moha Bandhan Kare Khandan 71 S T A
I Shall Invoke the New Dawn 72 S A
Shanti Sagare Nijere Harate 73 S T A
To Lose Myself 74 S A
Sundaro Paramer Sara Sundaro 75 S T A
O My Lord Supreme, O Beautiful One 76 S A
Chaowar Kudha Sarbada 77 S T A
Desire-Hunger 78 S A
Dakbo Kare Apan Bale 79 S T A
Whom Can I Call My Own? 80 S A
Bhore Sanjhe Pran Gabhire 81 S T A
In the Morning, in the Evening 82 S A
Basana Eshana Shikeche Ajike 83 S T A
Desire and Aspiration 84 S A
Amar Hiyar Sunil Pakhi 85 S T A
O My Heart’s Blue Bird 86 S A
Nai Shesh.. Basanar Ar Jatanar 87 S T A
No End 88 S A
Ke Habe Mor Hiyar Sathi 89 S T A
Who Will Become My Heart’s Friend? 90 S A
Maner Baner Dukher Sukher 91 S T A
Inside My Mind-Forest 92 S A
Amar Jiban Amar Maran Taba Swapaner Tripti 93 S T A
I Keep My Life with Me 94 S A
Diner Sheshe Chander Deshe 95 S T A
At the End of the Day in the Land 96 S A
Amar Katha Bali Jabe 97 S T A
Everybody Ridicules Me 98 S A
Hethai Nahe Hothai Nahe 99 S T A
Not Here, Not There 100 S A
Baroi Madhur Janani Tomar 101 S T A
Mother Divine, Your Compassion-Rain 102 S A
Manas Purite Ke Peyeche 103 S T A
O, Tell Me Who Has Seen? 104 S A
Phuler Mato Puto Hale 105 S T
When My Mind Becomes a Purity-Flower 106 S A
Deher Khudha Kichui Na Je 107 S T A
My Body-Hunger 108 S A
Hridaye Kanna 109 S T A
Tearful Cries in My Mind 110 S A
Basana Khudha Eshana Sudha 111 S T A
My Desire-Hunger, My Aspiration-Nectar 112 S A
Amar Katha Bhabi Kebal (2) 113 S T A
I Think Only of Myself 114 S A
Bahir Jagater Phanki Dite Pari 115 S T A
I Can Deceive in the Outer World 116 S A
Nijere Na Dile Kemane Labhibo 117 S T A
If I Do Not Offer Myself 118 S A
Bahu Kal Pare Sandeha Chore 119 S T A
After a Long Time, Today I Have Caught 120 S A
Amar Amire Karite Chahigo Dan 121 S T A
I Long to Offer My Little Self 122 S A
Bandhan Hara Karo Prabhu 123 S T A
My Heart’s Devotion-Flow 124 S A
Klanto Manas Klanto 125 S T A
With a Tired Mind 126 S A
Janite Chahigo Amar Swarupe 127 S T A
I Long to Know My Supreme Form 128 S A
Aghat Karo Aghat Karo Bahu Jore 129 S T A
Strike Me Hard 130 S A
Dehe Prane Mane Kena Aji 131 S T A
Why Do I Have Doubt-Downpour? 132 S A
Jabe Jabe Dudin Pare 133 S T A
In a Short While 134 S A

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