Chandelier, Part 1

A collection of English songs from “My Flute” and “The Dance of Life”, plus U.N. songs and significant quotes, published on 1980-04-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
The Absolute 1 S
Although 2 S
Body, Be Not Impure 3 S
The First Woman 4 S
The Golden Flute 5 S
A Hundred Years 6 S
I Am a Fool 7 S
I Am a Thief 8 S
I Am an Idiot 9 S
I Cry, I Smile 10 S
I Know Now 11 S
I Say, I Say 12 S
I Shall Not Sleep 13 S
I Sit Alone 14 S
Into the World I Came, Not for Enormous Fame 15 S
Marriage 16 S
My Body Sleeps 17 S
My Ego and My Soul 18 S
My Beauty 19 S
At Last I Know 20 S
My Task 21 S
No Good 22 S
O, Come and Sing With Me 23 S
To Think of Her 24 S
The Supreme 25 S
Supreme Bhagaban Supremo Gott 26 S
Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest (1) 28 S
Tears 29 S
To See Her Is to Own Her 30 S
Heaven Is Afraid of Me 31 S
O United Nations 32 S
O Dream of God 33 S
I Pray for You, O U.N. Soul 34 S
O Wilson’s League of Nations 35 S
O Body of the World (2) 36 S
I Know You Surely Can 37 S
With You Began 38 S
Our Ascending Hope 39 S
The Lord’s Sun-Vision-Plan 40 S
Our U.N. Soul 41 S
O Great U.N.! 42 S
They Say 43 S
O Human Rights 45 S
U.N. Meditation 46 S
O World Gratitude Day 47 S
Oneness-Earth 48 S
O Diplomat, O Delegate! 49 S
We Believe and We Hold 50 S
The United Nations 51 S
May I Be Offered 52 S
In the Wake of the Most Catastrophic War 53 S
Gone Are the Days 54 S
I Know That the World 55 S
We Are Men and Women 56 S
Forward, Upward, Onward, Together 57 S
Honour, Justice and Liberty 58 S
The League of Nations 59 S
Make a Peace 60 S
Nothing I Can Do or Say 61 S
Our Physical Separateness 62 S
My Fellow Inhabitants 63 S
In Order to Have a Free Access 64 S
All Men Are Created Equal 65 S
I Have a Dream 66 S
The Threat of Self-Extinction 67 S
We Are Confident 68 S
We Come with an Open Mind 69 S
Co-existence 70 S

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