Bhulite Diyona Prabhu

Sri Chinmoy performing:

From Salutations to the UN CD 

Composed on Apr. 12th, 1976


Bhulite diyona prabhu
Jadi ami bhule jai kabhu
Tibra bedane jagabe amai
Bhulite diyona kabhu
Bedanar tape jadi bhule jai
Maraner ghum jadi kabhu pai
Amar parashe jagabe amai
Bhulite diyona kabhu
Smarane manane thakio amar
Chahibar mato nahi kichhu ar
Shesh anurodh janabo tomare tabu
Bhulite diyona prabhu


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Lord, allow me not to forget You.
If ever I forget You,
Do torture my heart ruthlessly.
If excruciating pangs shall compel me
    To forget You,
Do awaken me with Your infinite Compassion.
    My Lord,
If ever the sleep of death attacks me,
Do come and protect me.
Do remain inside my sleeping heart.
I have not asked You for anything
    Meaningful and fruitful.
Do allow me not to forget You.

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