Bhule Ja Sab Jharer Bhoi

Composed on Apr. 12th, 1976


Bhule ja sab jharer bhoi
Khulre tari khol
Darabi tui sabar pichu
Nichu hoi ma taito unchu
Bhule ja sab kantar byetha
Phulguli tui tol
Bhule ja tui loka ninda
Maner uccharol


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Forget all your tempest fear.
Save your boat.
You can stand behind everyone.
The Mother bends her head,
Therefore, she is taller than everyone.
True, your world is full of thorns.
You can forget this experience.
Just collect beauty’s flowerFrom life-garden.
Pay no attention to world-criticism.
Remain far from the flight
   Of name and fame.

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