Bharat Dulal Bharat Dulali


Composed on Nov. 1st, 1971


Bharat dulal Bharat dulali
Jagichhe abar agni mantre
Oi je bajichhe Bharat mayer
Abahan giti gabhira mandre
Nikhil janabe Bharate pranati
Bajibe Bharata bijay danka
Agni pujari jyotir senani
Duribo amara bishwa shanka
Bharat Bharat e maha Bharate
Rajibe achire charama shanti
Mitthya dainya pabe samapti
Bharat hridaye phutibe kanti


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

The sons and daughters of India are arising again with incantation-fire.
The deep and sonorous notes are being played to invoke Mother India.
To India the world shall offer its salutation.
Once again India’s Victory shall be proclaimed.
We are the soldiers of light and the worshippers of the Fire-God.
Away we shall chase world-fear.
India! India! In this great land of Mother India, before long the Peace of the Beyond shall reign supreme.
Falsehood and emptiness forever shall end.
Beauty’s light and delight shall blossom, grow and sport in the love of India’s heart.

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