Bahudin Pare Abar Tomare Daki

Composed on Aug. 27th, 1974


Bahudin pare abar tomare daki
Bahudin pare nehari abar amar nayane jal
Tomai bidhata phanki diye shudhu phanki
Cheyechilo pran bidurite mor samasya kolahal
Tumi jano mor chapal praner byatha
Dao prabhu more simahin purnata


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Again after a long time I invoke You.
Today again I see tears in my eyes.
Lord, by deceiving You
My vital life wanted to cast aside its problem-din.
You know the excruciating pangs of my restive vital.
O Lord, shower me with Eternity’s Infinity.

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