Bahirer Hasi Nahi Jachi Mago

Composed on Nov. 22nd, 1975


Bahirer hasi nahi jachi mago
    Jachi antara hasi
Nirabata majhe antar pure
    Baje taba madhu banshi
Bahire bhitare kena byabadhan
    Bahire janai nati
Phire jena pai pujite tomai
    Antare shubha mati


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Mother, I do not seek for an outer smile.
I seek only for inner smile.
I know perfectly well
That it is only in the inner silence
That Your Nectar-Flute is being played.
I do not know, alas, why there is such a gulf
Between the inner life and the outer life
And why I always want to bow down to You
As a mere show in the outer life.
Why do I get satisfaction
Only from my outer obeisance?
May I get back the inner devoted will
To worship You in silence,
Sincerely and devotedly, in my inner life.

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