Aspiration-Plants, Part 3

24 English songs from poems in the series “27,000 Aspiration-Plants”, published on 1997-04-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
If You Are Born in the Sea of Hope 1 S A
How Sweet Is the Breath 2 S A
Alas, Perfection Has No Entry Visa 3 S A
God Is Always Available 4 S A
I Am Progressing 5 S A
No Honest God-Service 6 S A
When Our Surrender Is Complete 7 S A
O God-Obedience-Heart of Man 8 S A
My Mind-Book 9 S A
My Faith in God (1) 10 S A
O My Vital, I Do Not Like Competition 11 S
My Disobedience 12 S
May Every Second of My Aspiration 13 S A
He Who Fails to Fathom 14 S A
Each Time My Meditation Is Deep 15 S A
When I See Myself 16 S A
God Is Always Ready 17 S A
My Very Desire to Make Progress 18 S A
Eagerness Gives Us the Wings 19 S
My Gratitude-Heart Is Precisely the Place 20 S
God Answers My Prayers 21 S A
In the Inner World, There Is a Secret Name 22 S A
A God-Oneness-Heart 23 S A
Every Morning God Invites Me 24 S A

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