Aspiration-Plants, Part 2

58 English songs from poems in the series “27,000 Aspiration-Plants”, published on 1994-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
My Lord Supreme, Your Satisfaction 1 S
An Unfortunate Report 2 S
So Many Great Obstacles 3 S
I Am Supremely Happy 4 S
When I Strive for Perfection 5 S
I Love to Live 6 S
Jealousy Quite Often 7 S
Nothing Is Permanent 8 S
There Can Be No Security-Guarantee 9 S
Every Morning I Prayerfully Touch 10 S
No Resentment-Shackles 11 S
My Heaven-Climbing Heart 12 S
My Rainbow-Heart-Hope 13 S
An Aspiration-Heart 14 S
It Is Not So Easy 15 S
In My Life 16 S
My Heart’s Gratitude-Blossoming Glow 17 S
O My Mind, You Are Such a Fool 18 S
A Sleepless and Breathless God-Oneness-Heart 19 S
Alas, Why Am I So Stupid? 20 S
What the World Desperately Needs 21 S
Each Time My Soul Sings 22 S
No Matter How Big or How Small 23 S
A Self-Giving Life Is the Perfection-Smile 24 S
God Always Likes 25 S
The Proud Mind Boasts 26 S
God Is Eagerly Waiting 27 S
When Your Heart Melts 28 S
What Is the Difference? 29 S
There Can Be No Lasting Satisfaction 30 S
Every Morning God Whispers 31 S
I Only Have Time 32 S
Each Good Thought 33 S
Aspiration-Hearts 34 S
God Has Given Us the Freedom 35 S
God’s Compassion Every Morning 36 S
Never Go to a Mind-Shop 37 S
Man’s Speciality 38 S
When Your Heart Asks You 39 S
Be Not in a Hurry 40 S
Each Good Thought, Each Divine Thought 41 S
My Prayer-Heart and My Sacrifice-Life 42 S
I Am Counting the Minutes 43 S
All Your Desires 44 S
The Clatter of Thoughts 45 S
When I Do Not Pray 46 S
When We Pray 47 S
To Have an Impurity-Mind 48 S
The Opportunity-Bird 49 S
Do Not Break Your Promise 50 S
A Purity-Surcharged Heart 51 S
Unlike Human Beings 52 S
Every Day a Fresh Garland 53 S
My Mind Tells My Heart 54 S
There Is Only One Right Way 55 S
Can You Not See? 56 S
Every Time I See God 57 S
God-Intimacy 58 S

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