Aspiration-Plants, Part 1

52 English songs from poems in the series “27,000 Aspiration-Plants”, published on 1990-04-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
I Must Never Give Up 1 S
When I Offer God 2 S
If You Fly the Gratitude-Plane 3 S
Alas, When Will My Mind-Train Stop? 4 S
Because of My Life’s New Surrender 5 S
God Is Searching 6 S
How Can You Fail God? 7 S
Because I Love God 8 S
God Is Always Eager and Anxious 9 S
If You Send Your Heart-Letter to God 10 S
O My Uncooperative Mind 11 S
My Lord, I Cannot Separate 12 S
Doctors Call It 13 S
If You Want To Become 14 S
My Heart’s Crying 15 S
My Child, My Child 16 S
Today’s Headline 17 S
A Prayer-Mountain 18 S
Your Heart’s Diamond-Calmness 19 S
Every Morning My Beloved Supreme 20 S
My Mind Is Satisfied 21 S
There Can Be No Dead End 22 S
Do Not Be Sad 23 S
On Your Mark 24 S
God’s Illumination-Building 25 S
My Lord Supreme, What Will Happen? 26 S
Quench My Thirst, My Lord 27 S
The Favourite Dessert of My Beloved 28 S
A Seeker’s Humility-Heart (1) 29 S
My Beloved Supreme, I Shall Gladly 30 S
In My Letter to God 31 S
God’s Compassion-Smile 32 S
Dear to My Lord 33 S
Do You Want to Hear? 34 S
Each Sincere God-Lover 35 S
God’s Compassion-Eye 36 S
Once I Lost My Mind’s Dark Night 37 S
Every Day You Must Ask 38 S
Two Supremely Great Competitors 39 S
When Is God’s Birthday? 40 S
It Seems to Me 41 S
Do You Want To Increase? 42 S
How Can You Ever Approach God? 43 S
God Cries 44 S
Do Not Lock 45 S
When You Have Enthusiasm 46 S
What I Need Every Day 47 S
I Am Asking God 48 S
Every Day I Write 49 S
Each Gratitude-Heart 50 S
Will You Wait for Me, My Lord? 51 S
Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants (2) 52 S

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