Aro Dure Aro Dure (1)

Composed on Dec. 31st, 1974


Aro dure aro dure
  Bandhan hara sagar nire
Atal tale taliya jai
  Ratan je nai tire
Jyotir ranir anke base
  Bhuban kare ala
Ke tulichhe hajar kusum
  Ke ganthichhe mala
Ke oi shishu dakchhe dure
  Dakchhe amai kachhe
Nayan amar ghurchhe jena
  Jahar pachhe pachhe


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Farther, farther beyond,
On the shore of the endless ocean,
The wealth is not available
No matter how deep I dig within.
Who is he who sits on the lap of Beauty’s Queen
And radiates the earth-body,
Who plucks thousands of flowers
And weaves a garland?
Is it that child who is calling me from afar?
Is he the one who calls me always from afar
And for whom my eyes pine?

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