Archbishop Desmond Tutu: The World-Compassion-Heart-Nest

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: The World-Compassion-Heart-Nest, published on 2004-03-12

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Archbishop Desmond Tutu: A Soul-Diamond, A Heart-Diamond. 1 S
You Are the Rainbow People of God 2 S
If God Is on Our Side 3 S
Our God Hears 4 S
Be Nice To The Whites 5 S
Human Life Is Impossible 6 S
God Takes Sides 7 S
When Will We Learn? 8 S
Our Freedom Comes 9 S
Until We Are All Free 10 S
God Loves You Not Because You Are Lovable 11 S
I Come from a Beautiful Land 12 S
God Bless Africa 13 S

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