Apan Tumi Chira

Composed on Sep. 7th, 1973


Apan tumi chira apan kothai thako dure
Dekha tomar paina kabhu amar manas pure
Tomai diye basana mor
Karbo binash jatana ghor
Tomar premer bishal akar
Tomar kripar mukta adhar
Habo ami tomar gane mrittyu bihin sure


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Dear, eternally dear You are.
Where do you live, O sweet One?
     In what far-off land?Never do I see You in the city of my mind.
To You I shall offer my teeming desires and
     thus destroy all my heart’s excruciating pangs.
I shall become the enormity of Your Love.
I shall become Your freedom-receptivity,
     singing Your Song of immortal Tune.

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