Anale Anile Anute Renute

Composed on Dec. 31st, 1974


Anale anile anute renute
Nehari tomar chhabi
Taba dhyana rup ogo aparup
Ankiyachhe kato kabi
Anusari sei mahajan path
Lekhani niyechhi hate
Ganthibo baliya ei katha har
Ajike madhura prate
Jaya jaya jaya parameshwara
Jagat gurur jay
E mantra japi karibo amara
Bishwa atma jay


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

In fire and water,
In dust and atoms,
Seeing You, Your Meditation-Trance,
Many poets have depicted
Your immortal Beauty.
They are my pioneers.
This morning I am weaving the garland
Of soulful words:
Victory, victory, victory
To the Guru Supreme of the Universe.
Repeating this incantation
We shall conquer the world-soul.

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