An Immediate ‘Yes’

100 English songs from the series of poems “My Silence-Heart-Blossoms” set to music July 16, 1995, published on 1999-08-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Life Is So Brief, Alas 29
Before I Compose 30
Since God Is God’s Forgiveness-Breath 31
Oh, Permit Not Your Ego-Lion to Roar 32
I Know What Is Great Is Splendid 33
My Doubting Mind Deserves an Early Death 34
No Earthly Force 35
Each Time My Mind I Give 36
My Sweet Lord Is Lonely for My Love 37
My Lord Himself Applauds 38
Ever Kind to Me 39
Do Not Destroy 40
Earth’s Hunger-Cry 41
Mankind’s Freedom-Peace-Discovery 42
When Our Earth-Necessities Decrease 43
God-Satisfaction-Smile-Birds 44
Doubt Is Afraid 45
Willingness and Eagerness 46
When God Says ‘No’ 47
No More Shall I Remain 48
The Rainbow-Hopes 49
Each Time My Lord’s Compassion-Eye 50
Within, Without, the Doubting Mind Lies 51
Because I Want to Please My Lord 52
Freedom Complete, Perfect 53
Oh, Where Are You? 54
My Lord, I Need the Song 55
In God’s Heart-Garden 56
No More Am I in My Tear-Flooded Shore 57
My Perfection 58
He Who Never Forgets His Goal 59
My Lord’s Sun-Smile-Presence 60
My Lord’s Nectar-Delight 61
In Secrecy Supreme, My Lord I Worship 62
All-Where the Pride-Monarch-Titans 63 S A
Oh, Leave No Door Open for Doubt 64
Oh, Never Trust Your Mind’s Desire-Train 65
Ecstasy’s Flood 66
When I Invoke My Lord’s Compassion-Face 67
World-Withdrawal 68
Breathe the Fragrance 69
O My Clever, Trust-Fractured Mind 70
Do You Love Me, My Lord? 71
God Never Wants You to Be the Loser 72
A Self-Giving Joy 73 S A
In Each There Is a Little of All 74
God Is Available 75
Embark Upon Your Inner Pilgrimage 76
My Sound-Producer-Mind 77
If God You Want to Know 78
Be Cheerful! 79
Compassion Supreme 80
If Your Heart Is Prayerless and Weak 81
My Sweet Lord’s Victory-Song 82
My Doubting Mind Deserves 83
High Hopes 84
Love Not, Trust Not Your Vital-Train 85
My Mind-Roar 86
Daily My Promise Rises 87
To See Beyond Time 88
Impossibility Is Empty of Meaning 89
The Pulse of a Purity-Heart 90
A Shocking Decline 91 S A
My Lord, No More Ignorance-Worship 92
God Does Not Mind 93
A Heart Replete 94 S A
Only at Man’s Heart-Station 95
Needed: Surrender-Stamps 96
What Is God-Loving Dedication? 97
With Pure Obedience-Bliss 98
My Heart, My Only Aspiration-Shrine 99
Each Uncomely Thought 100
Silence-Blossoms 1
My Orphan-Tears 2
I Keep My Heart’s Streaming Tears 3
Energised by My Self-Improvement-Task 4
Obedience Longs to Feed the Lord 5
I Shall Climb Up 6
Fastest Runs to the Goal Supreme 7
Be Not Empty 8
His Face, My Face 9
Ecstasy-Flooded 10
God Is Weeping for You 11
Each Time I Shake Hands 12
Battered by Teeming Doubts 13
Break Not 14
The Starved Desires 15
Only in God’s Orbit 16
God’s God-Deep Love-Light-Fragrance 17
Oh, If I Never Fail My Lord 18
Alas, Like Me, God Also Has Bad Days 19 S A
God Comes to Me 20
God Pressures My Mind 21
Silence I Choose 22
An Immediate ‘Yes!’ 23 S A
Heaven Is So Far 24
With My Gratitude-Heart-Tears and Smiles 25
Delight Is Born 26
My Sunlit Path 27
My Soul Has Silenced 28

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