Ami Jare Peye Basi

Composed on May. 12th, 1976


Ami jare peye basi
Ahantar jai khasi
Ami jane peye basi
Se jon habe guni gyani
Dhani mani maharishi
Jakhan ami hridaye jar pashi
Tar hate more thakbe aosi
Se ja likhibe balbe karbe satya habe
Amar rakta habe tahar lekhar masi


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

If I care for someone,
If I love someone,
Then I take away animal human pride.
I shall grant him inner wealth,
Inner height, inner vision, inner perfection.
When I enter into someone,
With my sword he stabs his ignorance-life
And then he writes down my infinite reality-names
With his heart’s ever-growing and ever-glowing

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