Ami Jabo

Sri Chinmoy performing:

Ami Jabo from Silence Speaks


Ami jabo ami jabo ami jabo hridaya pure
Agni sadhak bahni premik phutechi aj agun sure
Lobher bandhan moher shasan
Doinya jatan bhagna swapan
Abasheshe ek nimeshe ajanate bahu dure
Simar kole asim dule
Kanur benu jiban mule
Mahashiber pralay nachan nutan srijan jore ghure


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

I shall enter into my heart’s citadel-city.
I am a worshipper of the Fire God;
I am a lover of the Fire God.
I have blossomed today
Into the melody of fiery flames.
The bondage of possession-greed,
The iron control of dark attachment,
The torture of penury,
The pangs of my shattered dreams
Have at last disappeared in a twinkling
  into the farthest, remote unknown.
On my finite lap the Infinite is swinging.
The ever-intoxicating and ever-energising
     Flute of Sri Krishna
Is the very origin of my life’s journey.
The Destruction-Dance of the great Lord Shiva
Ushers in a new creation
Encircling fast my earth-bound life.

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