Ami Bali Chokhe Dekhe

Composed on Apr. 12th, 1976


Ami bali chokhe dekhe
Tumi balo punthi lekhe
Keman kare habire bhai
Tomar amar mater milan
Tumi thako punthi niye
Ami thaki chokhe giye
Mudbo jakhan ankhi jujan
Thakbena ar kothao ami
Paraspare hat dhara bhai nibo deke


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

I speak from my vision,
You speak from your world library.
How can you and I
Ever see eye to eye
With each other?
You bury yourself
Day in, day out,
In the ocean-bed of books;
And I live in the core
Of my all-illumining
I know, I know,
When we shall both close our eyes
For good,
You and I shall establish
Our oneness-perfection
In the world beyond.

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