Amare Diyecho Dinatar Bojha

Composed on Oct. 13th, 1972


Amare diyechho dinatar bojha tumi chira subishal
Simahin haye mor lagi tumi srijiyachho moha jal
Lalate amar ashesh jatana tumi anandamoy
Shamaner bhiti dhelechho e prane tumi chira nirbhoy


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

You have given me the burden of poverty,
Although You are the eternal Strength Infinite.
Being boundless, You have created for me
     the binding attachment-net.
Ceaseless pangs flow across my forehead;
     You are Delight Infinite.
The fear of death You have poured into my heart,
     and You remain eternally fearless.

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