Amar Hriday Pakhire Pushibe

Composed on Apr. 27th, 1976


Amar hriday pakhire pushibe
Amar ashru kanna rodhibe
Amar chapal parane khamibe
Amar khudhita jibane tushibe
Ogo premamoy jani ami jani
Tabu kena hai taba prane hani
Bhule jai taba sudhamoy bani
Andhiyar ghore buke mor tani


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

You will keep and feed
My heart-bird.
You will stop my heart’s pangs
And extinguish the tear-flames of my eyes.
You will satisfy my hungry life,
O Lord of Compassion.
I know all these and many more,
And yet, why do I torture You,
Your Heart of Compassion-Light?
I completely forget
Your Nectar-Message.
I draw into my heart
The measureless gloom of ignorance-night.

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