Amar Gane Dao Ma Sara

Composed on Dec. 17th, 1972


Amar gane dao ma sara taito gahi gan
Tomar sneha jani mago nitya aphuran
Tomai jabe bhule jai ma barai abhimane
Kripa tomar shanti tomar tabu more tane
Tumi amar sindhu mago ami tomar bindu
Mora tomar lilar sathi tara rabi indu


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Mother, You respond to my song;
Therefore I sing.
Your Affection is boundless, Mother, I know.
Even when I forget You through my sulking,
Your Infinite Compassion and Peace draw me toward You.
You are my ocean, Mother; I am Your tiniest drop.
The stars, the moon and the sun - we are all Your eternal companions
In Your Cosmic Game.

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