Amar Apamaner Tale

Composed on Nov. 22nd, 1975


Amar apamaner tale
Tumi haso kripar bale
Amar sakal dukher rate
Tumi aso prabhat hate
Amar hiyar ashru gopan
Tomar praner ashesh bedan
Asbe tumi amar kachhe
Taito amar sabiy nache


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

When I am insulted,
When I am humiliated,
You strengthen me with Your
You come to me carrying the dawn in
   Your Hands
To replace my life of sorrow.
My heart’s secret tears
Create endless sufferings in Your Heart.
I know one day You will come to me;
Therefore, today everything that I have
   and I am
Is dancing with joy.

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