Alor Pane Chai Jabe

Composed on Nov. 22nd, 1975


Alor pane chai jabe andhar kena dake
Sneha tomar niye jai ma na jani kon phanke
Andhar amai dake kena mago ami jani
Nithur haye tomar prane nitya jabe hani
Tomar paye rakhi aji kritagyata phul
Asim ami habo jani tumi je mor phul


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

I cry for light.
How is it that darkness calls me?
I don’t know.
I cry for one thing;
How is it that I get something else?
Mother, I cry for You
But darkness carries me away.
And when I become angry with You,
I strike You.
You remain silent.
But today I am offering You
My heart’s gratitude-flower.
O Infinite Reality,
I will grow into the sacred flower
To worship You.

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