Abar Amai Dakbe Tumi (1)

Composed on Nov. 22nd, 1975


Abar amai dakbe tumi
Ei asha ma nitya prane raje
Taita ami nirbhavanai
Katai dibas marina je laje
    Tumi jano praner katha
    Mukher bhranti bachalata
Tumi amai karbe mahat
    Jadio ami khudra ati khudra
Tomar kripai mithya nashi
    Amar nachan nachbe prane Rudra


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Again You shall call me:
This hope dwells inside my heart;
I spend my days and my nights in silence.
I do not bury myself in utter shame.
You know the secret thoughts of my heart.
You know the restlessness, my bungles.
You will make me great,
You will make me good,
You will make me divine.
Although I am now absolutely insignificant,
With Your boundless Grace I shall
Destroy falsehood-night.
Lord Rudra will dance in me,
Inside my heart,
The dance of life-immortalising ecstasy.

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