A God-Devotion-Teardrop

94 English songs from August 26, 2005, published on 2006-07-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
A God-Devotion-Teardrop 1 S
At the End of God’s Day 2 S
At the End of My Day 3 S
Every Morning I Weave 4 S
Finally, My Lord Has Removed 5 S
God Does Not Take Any Intermission 6 S
God Gives Surrender-Lessons 7 S
God Is Not Disturbed 8 S
God Loves to Examine My Life 9 S
God’s Feet Love to Show Me 10 S
God Pretends 11 S
God Pushes and Pulls 12 S
God Protects and Leads 13 S
God the Delight 14 S
God the Pride 15 S
God’s Scoldings 16 S
I Am Alive 17 S
God’s Inner Miracle 18 S
I Need God the Companion 19 S
I Was Born of God-Grace 20 S
Last Time When I Saw God 21 S
Light Eventually Conquers 22 S
Power Eventually Surrenders 23 S
Millennia Come and Go 24 S
Morning Prayers 25 S
My Life Begins 26 S
My Lord and I Are Two Experts 27 S
My Lord, Blame Me, Shame Me 28 S
My Mind Ridicules God 29 S
Nobody Is Perfect 30 S
Prayer Means God-Supplication 31 S
Meditation Means God-Invitation 32 S
Regularity Runs 33 S
The Heart of Each Human Being 34 S
Two Things Do Not Run Short 35 S
When I Go to God Walking 36 S
When I go to God Whistling 37 S
When I Look at My Lord’s Eye 38 S
When I Enter into My Lord’s Heart 39 S
When I Pray, I Become My Heart-Rose 40 S
When I Meditate 41 S
When I Am Slowly Walking 42 S
When I Am Speedily Running 43 S
My Lord, My Only Prayer to You (3) 44 S
Every Little Thing 45 S
My Heart Is Made Of 46 S
I Belong to God’s Will 47 S
A True God-Lover 48 S
I Must Pray, Not Only for Myself (1) 49 S
Do Not Blame Anybody 50 S
My Heartbeat and God’s Heartbeat 51 S
It Matters Not 52 S
It Matters Only 53 S
There Is Only One Home 54 S
God’s Greatest Treasure (2) 55 S
Just One Smile 56 S
Do Not Depend 57 S
My Lord’s Constant Miracle 59 S
The Children of Happiness 60 S
When the Flowers Sing 61 S
My Faith in God (2) 62 S
The Visible Miracles 63 S
The Invisible Miracles 64 S
Science Is a Modern Discovery 65 S
Spirituality Is an Ancient Discovery 66 S
I Long for a Time 67 S
Every Day God Descends 68 S
God Comes Only to See 69 S
God Has Asked Himself 70 S
The Outer Fire 71 S
The Inner Fire 72 S
The Outer Long Distance 73 S
The Inner Long Distance 74 S
The Outer Light 75 S
The Inner Light 76 S
The Medical World 77 S
The Spiritual World 78 S
Difficult to Preserve 79 S
God’s Mind 80 S
God’s Heart Loves 81 S
God’s Feet Love 82 S
God Loves 83 S
When I Pray to God, I Think He Is 84 S
When I Meditate on God 85 S
Even When I Am Late 86 S
God’s Forgiveness 87 S
Whenever I Have a Good Meditation 88 S
Quite Often 89 S
Be Alert! Be Awake! 90 S
Aspiration 91 S
Dedication 92 S
I Want Only My Lord 93 S
I Am Trying 94 S

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