14 Songs from “77,000 Service-Trees”

14 songs from Sri Chinmoy’s series of poems “77,000 Service-Trees”

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees 1 S
God Tells Me That Ultimately Nobody will Fail 2 S
God Tells Me That He Is Giving Me 3 S
A Rising Sun 4 S
Your Mind Can't Come To God's Country Without Crossing 5 S
Each Divine Thought 6 S
My Aspiration-Heart-Room 7 S
Each Aspiring Moment 8 S
Before Leaving Try Loving 9 S
My Soul Tells Me 10 S
Insolent Disobedience 11 S
Pride Says to God 12 S
When You Give an Inch 13 S
Prayers and Meditations 14 S

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