14 English Peace Songs

English peace songs

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
My Aspiration-Heart’s Peace-Sun 1 S
Goodness Is Peace-Drop 2 S
The Eye of Peace Is Microscopic 3 S
Peace Is in God-Quest 4 S
Peace I Did Not Find 5 S
Peace is Not in Occult Wildfire 6 S
God’s Eye Frightens Me With its infinite Justice-Power. 7 S
My Mind’s Happiness-Sun 8 S
No Peace in My Mind’s God-Emptiness 9 S
My Peace-Empty Mind 10 S
My Peace 11 S
My Mind, My Mind, No More Roam 12 S
New Year’s Message for 1998 13 S
The World Defiles Me 59 S

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