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34. Ar Katokal Kandbo Mago

Composed and translated by Sri Chinmoy (exact date unknown)


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Lyrics • Bengali

Ar katokal kandbo mago ar katokal kandbo
Andhar ghare ekla base tomai bhalobasbo
Tumi jano gopan katha
Amar hiyar byakulata
Nitya kena kalo shaman
Prane amar kare dahan
Ar karona deri mago ar karona deri
Tumi amar bishwa mata Jishur jeman Meri


How long more shall I cry, Mother?
How long shall I cry
In a dark room alone, loving You?
You know my secret thought.
You know my heart’s eagerness.
Why does dark death torture me every day?
How long will You delay, Mother?
     How long will You delay?
As Jesus had Mary,
So are You my World-Mother.